Episode #16 – Mike Terrill

This episode features Enterprise Mobility MVP, Mike Terrill. Mike lives out in Arizona, where it’s crazy hot but that doesn’t mean he can’t take out the mountain bike on occassions. But Mike’s real interest in wheels is focused on the car and he’s pretty fond of the Tesla he’s purchased in the last few years.Continue reading “Episode #16 – Mike Terrill”

Episode #14 – Holly Lehman

Microsoft’s Holly Lehman joins Just a Couple of Jerks for the 14th episode. We chat about the juggling process of bringing up and family and working from home during the COVID lockdown. Not an easy task. She tells us about how great Microsoft was with their employees when lockdown was instigated. Holly chats to usContinue reading “Episode #14 – Holly Lehman”

Episode #12 – Panu Saukko

Panu is one of the longest serving Enterprise Mobility MVPs. We chat about his homeland, Finland. I learn a little about a country I know hardly anything about. Inevitably, discussions turn to the Finish winter and snow and how Panu gets from home to office. We learn about where Panu’s last name comes from and,Continue reading “Episode #12 – Panu Saukko”

Episode #10 – Chris Roberts

Chris Roberts works for a company which manages over 100k devices. That’s some pretty mean feat and he joins the podcast this week to talk about how manages this. Chris has a real passion for what he does and this comes through in abundance in this episode. We chat about his real passions, Liverpool FC,Continue reading “Episode #10 – Chris Roberts”

Episode #9 – Les Pounder

Les Pounder, legend of the Raspberry Pi community, joins the JaCoJ podcast this week. Les has been involved with Raspberry Pi since 2013 and he has a real passion for them We chat about the achievement of making even the simple things work and how being put under the spot can help you learn more.Continue reading “Episode #9 – Les Pounder”


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